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Become a Jawbreaker


If you are interested in boxing but want to try us out first, we offer an introduction class. In this class, our trainers are focused on gauging where you are at & meeting you at that level. It is great for everyone regardless of skill level or experience!


5:00 PM - Tuesday

1:00 PM - Saturday

6:00 AM - Monday - Friday

10:30 AM - Monday - Thursday

12:00 PM - Monday - Thursday

2:00 PM - Saturday

6:00 PM - Monday - Thursday 

7:00 PM - Tuesday - Thursday


5:00 PM - Monday, Wednesday, Friday


6:00 PM - Friday


Meet OUR Team

Remy website pic1.jpg

Remy is a lifelong athlete, USA Certified Boxing Coach, and professional boxer. A graduate of Hargrave Military Academy, he also attended North Carolina Central University where he majored in Exercise Science. Active in the personal fitness industry for more than 10 years, Remy has been a successful certified personal trainer for hundreds of clients.

Remy’s style and training are the legacy of working with some of the most skilled and successful boxing coaches, including Coach Sherridale Morgan (Boxing Hall of Fame inductee, Former US Army Boxing champion), Coach Anthony Bradley (record holder for the most medals received for a single Olympic coach), Paul Marinaccio (pro fighter, and former WBF heavy weight champion), Julius Fogel (former IBC super middleweight champion), and Donnell Holmes (pro fighter). Remy has trained a number of boxing students at both amateur and professional levels.


Yvonne Caples_edited.jpg

Yvonne brings over 30 years experience in boxing, spanning from her time as an amateur to her professional career, where she excelled as both a competitor and a coach. As a former National Golden Gloves Champion and an IFBA Jr. Flyweight World Champion, her achievements speak volumes about her knowledge in the sport. Recently, she was honored with induction into the International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame, further solidifying her legacy. 

With a master's degree in Sports Coaching, Yvonne possesses a wealth of knowledge to tailor personal training sessions to the unique goals and skill levels of her clients. Having worked in esteemed gyms across the Bay Area and Las Vegas, she brings a diverse perspective and a commitment to excellence in her craft. Yvonne has a passion and dedication for teaching sound technical skills and crafting high-quality workouts for the classes she leads. Whether coaching beginners or seasoned athletes, Yvonne's expertise and enthusiasm make her a standout presence in the boxing community.


John is a former Semi-pro defensive/offensive lineman who subsequently found jawbreaker when his years of football came to an end. Coming into the gym at a whopping 340 lbs, just two years later, he now competes as an amateur boxer at the 200 lbs weight class. In the process of dropping weight, he’s picked up some serious boxing skills under coach Remy and now works here full time to share his knowledge with others. 

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